You are watching season six of Supernatural or perhaps it is season eight. Ten it is definitely ten, eleven at a push… To be honest it doesn’t really matter, not much changes. That is not so much a critique as a fact of life, the Winchester family hour is what it is. You are going to get precisely what you asked for, in fact every so often you get an extra helping of scrumptious fries – normally when Crowley is on screen.

Something evil is up to no good as evil is wont to do and it is up to Sam, Dean and Castiel to save the day. However in a crazy and unexpected plot twist it is not always Cas, oh no because sometimes the Angel of the Lord might be otherwise indisposed; having a crisis of confidence, pretending to be God, being human or if no real storyline is available the writers can just go with Angel Radio been broke… If the feathery one is on vacation it might be; Bobby, a random friend/cohort from the past, a monster trying to be good, a brand new squeeze or The King of the Crossroads himself. However three seems to be the winning number and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Dean calls Sam – Sammy. The King of Hell calls Sam – Moose. If Bobby is about it is idjits. Dean likes his burgers, Dean gives a pretty woman the eyes. Some talk about Angels loosing their wings, now grace. All very formulaic, all very silly and all very enjoyable. Here comes a less serious episode, possible another dimension, possible the Ghostfacers might even be a Garth heavy session. No complaints, just sit back and let the funny bones be tickled. The Impala gets scratched, Dean is not happy. The denim clad heroes use rock-star aliases to pose as FBI agents, could be any series. Squint and it is no real issue.

Sam has turned to the dark side, no it is Meg’s Clarence that has gone rouge. Hang on it is The Elder of the brothers, that Kevin chap… I don’t trust him. Here is a culture reference, here is another. Have a fairy tale twisted on its head, how about a religious deity called into action. A myth turns out to be real and now it’s time to burn a corpse.


One of the main stars is dead, now he is bought back to life. Now the other one is a goner – a still warm corpse, oh wait he’s back in action. Off to Hell via Purgatory, throw some Latin, fake or otherwise, about and that’s a wrap. Time to consult Daddy Winchester’s journal, time for a road trip and now a few episodes to really push the over arching story forward.

Did the banging guitar heavy soundtrack distract you? Are you sure you know what year it is and who the President it? Series three, one hundred and ten percent series three…



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