Daenerys is back home, finally!! Its only taken seven series but at last the true queen of Westeros has landed on terra firma and looks set to settle the score. Obviously it is raining to really ramp up the drama but this is Game of Thrones so say hello to Mr lightning and his buddy thunder. After all if you are going to do something…

Three dragons but a case of look but don’t touch as ashes aren’t as much fun to rule and if that’s not enough Tyrion has a story to tell, predictable it starts with him drinking but in a shocking twist The Mother of Dragons cuts him off short… Hey people were listening to that!

Here is Melisandre and she has a story to tell as well but no one really cares and besides it is subtitled so that’s enough of that.  Off to Kings Landing where Cersei is dishing out propaganda like mints and Jamie is looking unsure because that is what he does now. Qyburn has a solution to the dragon problem but he is telling no one because the time is not right for the dramatic reveal.





Now? Oh it’s a really big crossbow, kinda not what I was hoping for. Wish I had a crossbow that big mind.

Grey Worm is having a romantic liaison because that is what this series needed more padding for side characters, does the leader of the Unsullied have the balls* to go through with it though…

More importantly where is Jon Snow and why isn’t he meeting with blondie?Unsurprisingly there is a cure for greyscale that only Sam knows, it’s going to be excruciatingly painful but he’s not going to knock out Jorah just get the knight drunk, that’ll teach him for not cutting off his arm. A rousing speech that ended with your not going to die, however he did forget to say – not on my watch…

Hot Pie because Hot Pie.

Keep your eyes on Little Finger because any second now he is going to start twirling his moustache, then out of bloody nowhere wolves then no wolves. This episode is making little or no sense.

Fear not because Euron Greyjoy is here to save the day with entrance of the week to really ram home the message. Kudos must go to Pilou Asbaek for managing to make “Give your uncle a kiss” one of the most threatening lines ever.

Fire! Hack! Slash! Arrow! Blood! Pointy! Sharp! Savage! Brutal! This episode is looking up.




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