Game of Thrones is back on the box; grab the comfy seat, a bottle of dad’s finest and put your feet up.

It’s been a while but didn’t Arya kill Walder Frey? Wasn’t there something about a pie and fingers and a very menacing young lady? Wires get crossed and streams looped but maybe it’s all in the imagination. So sit back and enjoy… Ooooo he said winter is coming and now winter has come, the proverbial has hit the fan. The North remembers – glad someone does…

Bear with me as Jon Snow outlines his plan to scavenge as much dragonglass as possible in a beg, borrow or steal manner. Lyanna Mormont continues to own each scene she is in with her fu*k you kinda attitude. Sansa annoys The Lord Commander as that’s what Sansa does and Bran rocks up to The Wall. In a somewhat mirrored moment Cersei and Jamie start to disagree while pacing a large map as it’s more poetic and pity the poor painter who has yet to finish.

The Lannister’s list of allies grows thin indeed but that is what happens when you are conniving, backstabbing, untrustworthy, vile, amoral bunch. The Iron Islands you say? I’m sure this will end well..

Meanwhile here is Ed Sheeran because of reasons.

Arya is off to kill a Queen and because she is Arya she tells everyone. Something about The Citadel, something about Sam, something else about the Citadel, some more of Sam and away we go.

Good job Iain Glen has a memorable voice and a good job The Hound has a memorable face as the dark hides all manner of sins…



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