The earth keeps on spinning, I try to hang on. Some people never change and certain places remain the same, a snapshot of when you where there last time. Benmore is one of those places; hills, trees, rivers, fields, fauna and flora to the maximum. Day of the effing triffids if you will.

Not much happening and not many people to help maintain the absence of activity, pretty much why it is perfect for my continuing quest for solitude and that moment of tranquillity that slipped through my fingers what seems like eons ago.

I traipse the paths of my childhood, adolescence and now my dotage. Not so much looking for answers just a moments respite from the world and her claws of greed and vileness.  Ghosts still haunt the places I laid them to rest, demons of the old world skip merrily behind me cackling in glee till once more I exorcise the pests back to the inferno from whence they came.

While I contemplate the morality of choice, the reasoning for being and more importantly what’s for dinner I take some pictures. Hell It’s not like I’m doing much else during my convalescence…

Still not figured how to remove the date and time from my photos. Oh well, such is life.



I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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