Today is national bikini day. Just let that soak in for a bit, granted it marks the anniversary of the invention of said garment but it still seems somewhat overblown to give it a whole twenty four hours of fanfare and publicity. What ever happened to national give Douglas lots of money day? I like that day.

My main gripe with the swimwear getting front and centre is that now I can’t concentrate, I was going to do a blog on fighting games of the past; Virtua Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Soulcalibur and their ilk but instead my mind wanders to thoughts of a more biblical nature, luckily there is a spoon in the fridge…

As the blood returns to it’s original haunts I begin to wonder what CD I should put on next, as I scour the appropriate shelf I begin to realise something is a miss. All of two seconds ago I was contemplating… boxing or something? I can’t drudge up the faded memory from the grave, so I decree it must be unimportant… Manson, Metallica, Moby, Manic Street Preachers, Nirvana! That will do a bit of Kurt and co. should go down a storm. Problem solved now what was I doing? National bikini day you say?

It’s a loop.

Several thoughts later that are best left bereft of a keyboard I recall that the spongy mess I call my brain had an idea about writing about beat ’em ups. It was a good idea, stupendous even. I liked it, I was going to develop it then my socks caught my attention. Why do they have an R and L on them? I get that it’s for right and left but can you actually put your feet warmers on the wrong appendages? Who is doing that and why am I calling my feet appendages?

Hey that picture is not straight.

Five minutes of hard graft and spirit levels latter I begin to calm down, Unplugged In New York is beginning to cut through the chatter in my skull and the synapses are no longer coursing with devious intent… However there was something bothering me… Something I should be doing… Oh well can’t have been important.

As I’m already putting my shoes on I must be going for a walk. And if I don’t see any scantily clad beauties I’m penning a strongly worded letter to whom it may concern!



I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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