SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 16 SERIES 7

It’s the grand finale, come one and all to marvel at the much hyped, much viewed and somewhat repetitive adventures of Rick and co. Lets start with a flashback, everyone loves those… Or is it a dream? You can’t tell, it’s not important, move on.  Then everyone’s favourite psychopath Negan decides to bring the incarcerated Sasha some smiley pancakes because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and first impressions count. Skip to another poor jailed sole, this time Dwight. He’s is jail because he gave himself up or he’s a double agent or something. Again it’s not important but then neither is the fact that Denise had a name and the scarred on forgot it, Tara pretends to be upset over this fact but she’s not fooling anyone. Now comes the plan! A stupendous one at that – it’s called gather the forces, entrench oneself and then shoot the baddies when they turn up. Good job Dwight is here to come up with this formidable tactic… again we get time been looped for our alleged pleasure and… yawn! Instead of military action scenes or even a montage of marshalling the troops we get a baby, just what this slow drawn out episode needed, a quiet relaxed moment!! The Hilltop is ready, Maggie has them organised and armed them up but what about the Kingdom? Last time we dropped in King Ezekiel was having serious reservations and need a smidge of convincing. Perhaps not is all going to plan, never mind here he is and you know he means business as he has his own personal bannerman and a tiger! An honest to God tiger! So far so good and now here come the scavengers, on bicycles none the less, to fulfil their side of the bargain, everyone knows bicycles can keep up with motorised vehicles so no questions need to be asked there… Now another moment from the past courtesy of Sasha and Abraham, still the floaty music is threatening to lull everyone to sleep however it is not all bad as we are treated to some of Abraham’s sparkling wit with the line “We kick shit and ear snakes” Then because we have not seen him do anything recently Carl gets a close up, sure why not? Everyone is now in position except the lovely Rosita because she must have missed that day in basic training, only forty minutes have trickled by but finally we get to the crux of the matter. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is but before all Hell breaks loose the filthy garbage people – trademark Negan – show their true colours and double cross our band of intrepid heroes, what a sucker punch!! Then in a easily foreseen development Sasha lurches out of her coffin, yep that’s right she was entombed for burial because nothing says evil like keeping your enemies in a box. Inside she decided to skip to the end and off herself before anyone else could, all plays out as expected then the Saviors go home to lick their wounds and Shiva has herself a fest.

All might be set up pleasingly for next series but did we really want a whole season of set up but with no real payoff. Also who managed to train a tiger to only attack morally corrupted types?


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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