These days my brain seems to be skipping the light fantastic and doing cartwheels across the floor, its been an confusing week. Hell its been an confusing lifetime, so close to a moment of blessed lucidity yet more often than not I find myself back at the start line. Looped around beyond all belief, found drooling in a corner rocking back and forth as I hold out against the vileness of the world and all her repetitive schemes, I fight back with something instilled at birth. Laughter and fistfuls of it, hilarity tinged with more than a taint of mania but it sets me free as I drift up, my conscious pulls free of its moorings and the tethers to this reality snap as the past fades from view.
Now a new day dawns and the bruises fade, the scars still tell a story but the storm has passed and I have emerged from the maelstrom as I entered it – victorious. Sound effects that are to most mundane and everyday have me holding my sides with mirth, a piece of music not intended for comedic purposes has me rolling about and frothing at the mouth. A walk down the street replays a exchange with the village idiot, an exchange that the moronic cretin walks away from thinking himself pleased with the outcome. After all he has a middle name so must be smarter than me…  This only increases the gusto of my tittering.
Actions that most take for granted leave me feeling giddy with satisfaction; washing the dishes, flossing ones teeth and opening the window for fresh air all increase the feeling of self satisfaction and oddly pride, quick to WordPress to tell the world! All these are signs of rebirth that make me sit up and take notice, action is a desirable commodity and I intended to make the best use of it. I sense a change in the air, the heavens are about to open and the day will dawn when my moment of clarity is never ending, this trip is nearing its inevitable conclusion, after all I’ve done this before…


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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