Water start – beach zombies!!! And that can only mean one thing, oh barnacles!! If this thrilling opening wasn’t enough we get Maggie holding forth on the best gardening practices, this show is going places! Not all of this episode is as unexpected as we have Sasha incarcerated instead of dead or luxuriating over the still warm corpse of Negan, after all this weeks offering wasn’t the season finale and with that thought firmly lodged in ones frontal lobe the death of the big bad seemed a tad unlikely. It is not all sunshine and puppy dogs though because one of the jailers is a bit rapey, ooooo these murdering, backstabbing, lying sons of guns are a bad lot! Though it’s okay because the head honcho does not condone it because of character development, well rounded or what?!

Then we get everyone’s favourite weaselly overseer Gregory shambling outside because of reasons, holding another scintillating conversation about plants and then getting attacked by two very handily placed walkers, all this raises questions, one of which must be – Who put Gregory in charge and why? Now back to Oceanside because of guns and pew, pew, pew. Someone broke a promise, someone else doesn’t care and ZOMBIES lots of ZOMBIES!! Carl starts his usual yammering but not even female Carl cares the Sasha shows us all something most of us learnt in childhood, it’s easy to be twofaced behind the imagined safety of a closed door.


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