SPOLIERS FOR EPISODE 13 SERIES SEVEN

To treat the fanbase this weeks show kicks off with Miss excitement herself – Carol, she’s in a dingy cottage, she’s moping about, she’s aimlessly wasting our time, she’s also smoking a cigarette which raises the question of – who is still making tabaco based products this far into the zombie apocalypse? On the plus side it is not Father Gabriel that is sending our delirium levels through the roof but that doesn’t say much…

To really get our brains racing we a treated to some zombies so implausibly dim witted they meander lethargically straight onto a not particularly sharp or pointy sign post, this is obviously because of reasons, or better yet science!

Now something to do with weevils and gardening that no one really seems to care about, then to really spice things up Morgan does some decorating with a little help from a friend but foolishly Benjamin C Fodder decides to mention he has a girl…

A stop off for some melancholy via some shopping carts that could have been easily navigated achieves the standard baloney of blah, blah, blah. Now we have the whole point of the episode – the face off of The Kingdom vs The Saviours, this has been brewing for a few weeks now as tensions raced every time the factions met. The dramatic outcome was never in any doubt but the route taken was somewhat leisurely so luckily for us Richard decides to expedite the proceedings, as an added bonus his plan was not Morgan proof.

Finally some gore, some blood, guts and viscera! Some action, some bullets flying, some excitement, so suspense, some… Oh he’s dead is he? Well that was worth the wait and slight character development…

Then the moment we’ve been waiting for since I don’t know when – Mr Peace and Zen finally gives into the dark side and caves, maybe he can talk some sense into Carol?

One question remains. On the trip back to deliver the offending melon why did no one take the precaution of sitting it on their lap?



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