It has been a few months since we last visited Grimeland so let us start with a previously on The Walking Dead; Negan was badass, Rick was intense, Carl was annoying, Daryl was kickass, some people died and every so often there was actually some zombies.

To really start with a bang we get the excitement of seeing  Father Gabriel in action, this side character does little of importance, generally dosses about and bores people witless. So to open with him is a bold move indeed. He has some sorta crises with his Lord, steals all the supplies and leaves a note because that is they way he rolls. Yippee and so forth, must have missed the part about do unto others…

Apparently George Mason from 24 fame has no intention of helping in the plan of ridding the world of The Saviors but that’s okay because no one likes him and his people don’t listen to him. Why would they when they have Jesus on their side? The bearded one is so miraculous that he has a walkie-talkie from the enemy and for some unfathomable reason they have not changed the frequency, must have an inside line to the man upstairs.

Finally a bit of good news in the shape of King Ezekiel been introduced to our resident sheriff, while they might not completely agree on everything it is a pleasing change of pace to witness the enthroned one. After all if you can’t act crazy and aloof  during the zombie apocalypse when can you?

To really set the pulse racing Rick decides it’s time to tell a story about a rock, this surprisingly goes down a treat and not as some would think like a lead balloon.  Then we met a fresh faced, country bumpkin of a recruit that is training by aimlessly wandering through a forest. Here he bumps into Carol mistaking her for a walker, after some friendly advice that he should already know he prattles off leaving us to wonder when he will change his name to C. Fodder.

Cue some conveniently placed explosives, some even more conveniently timed walkers that result in a blood bath of Dead Rising proportions. Then we have these guys… Ooooo I smell a cliffhanger!!



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