Spoilers for Black Sails Series four episode three.

After the incendiary nature of last weeks stand off between Flint and Billy Bones tonights episode had a lot to live up to and as always Black Sails climbs the crows nest to stand head and shoulders above a lot of todays offerings. As soon Bear McCreary’s unearthly score echoes throughout the room you know you are in for a treat. It starts with Captain Berringer in a sombre mood contemplating over a locket drenched in meaning, up steps the Governor postulating that his right hand man might have retired by now, even though he seems to have the situation somewhat under his control…

The ante has well and truly been upped as they discus the need for dark men to do dark things, all this is pleasingly set amid ominous shadows and lifeless skies. The scene is set as the expendable soldiers are gathered and stationed aboard Rogers vessel, they evade the pursuing Blackbeard for only a short period of time before their cunning plan is put into action. Here questions must be asked; if the plan was to kill all the scurvy English why not simply bombard the other ship out of existence? If capture was the goal why not attack with the majority, if not all, the crew of The Queens Anne’s Revenge? Finally as Teach’s craft was noticeably larger how did numbers betray them?

Valid questions one and all but all is forgiven with the gruesome demise of the pirate captain. Keel hauled to within a inch of his life the infamous privateer still refuses to slip away, leaving Governor Rogers to take final measures. Leaving the loquacious Rackham and unwavering Anne Bonny in a somewhat perilous situation. Their vengeance against Eleanor Guthrie blowing in the wind…

In further stupid news the wrathful Captain Berringer decides to call out Long John Silver, accusing him and his brethren of being cowards. This ends in the only way possible, a mass standoff, his throat slit and the wayward Billy Bones turning up because of reasons…



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