A wind rose in the industrial city of Dundee, the wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings or endings in this city but it was A beginning.

Days drag into each other, time stands still until night and day are abstract ideas that make a mockery of this soul destroying existence. Snapped back to reality by the clink and jingle of coins as they strike into each other upon their arrival in the cashiers till, the monotonous thud of the customers feet upon the hallowed aisles, the self same questions growing in tedium day after day, the tasks that mirror each other week by week. The winds of time whisper by as the stagnation process continues and the waves of the Sea of Storms crash against shores of reality.

The repetition of each day drives the mind insane. As the taint washes through, expunging all hope of sanity and driving away any succour freely given. Anger boils up inside, a white hot rage that requires the instantaneous raising of ones shoufa or grasping after the flame and the void. Calm is a hard island to find, the blessing of a stedding is nowhere to be found yet ogiers stalk the shop floor openly…

Two faced peddlers feign understanding and offer kinship, forgetting the price that blood must pay. Darkfriends stalk at the heels of those bold enough to call them out for their crimes against humanity, hiding in the shadows to strike when the back is turned and the numbers favour them. Petty nuisances that once put to the questioning slither back to their dark corners to plot and squabble amongst themselves.

After all duty is heavier than a mountain; death is lighter than a feather. The shadowspawn must be removed one by one till the Dark One herself is left, bereft of allies, minions and underlings. The seals might be weakening one by one but the threads of the pattern are weaving around the elite and the day of reckoning is at hand. Shayol Ghul has been reconnoitered and battle plans drawn up. Mistakes have been made, battles lost but the war still rages.

Almost dead yesterday. May be dead tomorrow. But alive, gloriously alive today.



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