In 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog was released on the unsuspecting public. A blur of blue spikes, red sneakers and unfathomably large white gloves he was an instantaneous hit. All about speed Sega’s mascot was the perfect fit for the rad and happening 90’s. A game for the disillusioned public that were whitewashed with the malaise and greed of the 80’s, the spritely mammal was the new star and it was time to go head to head with a certain Italian plumber.

Focusing mainly on; headlong momentum, collecting rings, jumping on robotic animals and defeating an overweight, evil moustachioed villain the game was an unquestionable success. A sequel was a cast iron guarantee, an inevitability that only the world spinning out of orbit could stop. However one problem presented itself, how to expand on the brilliance of the original? Step forward Tails, or Miles Prower to the landed gentry.

However there was one slight downside to this master plan. The fox was shite.

He tailed after his faster buddy, faded off screen, could only be controlled it fits and starts and unlike his cunning brethren had two appendages sticking from his hindquarters. Admittedly this was so the little turd could fly but in his airborne form he was only mildly more appeasing, while he could cover more ground in a shorter space of time he was still only somewhat under player twos guidance.

His major saving grace was his immortality, death was no hindrance. He was just that stupid, even the Grim Reaper himself held no sway and could not convince the gormless one to leave well enough alone. At the end of each level him came into his own, that is if he had caught up the on screen action by then. Seen how no mortal man could slay him caution was thrown to the wind as he bounced repeatedly on Dr Robotnik newest invention till either the infernal machine was dismantled or the plucky moron was once again knocking on Heavens gate.

Then came the bonus stages, collect as many rings as you can while running a gauntlet of bombs. Thankfully the tally of both creatures counted to final score and for some inexplicable reason both of the heroes had roughly the same pace. Was Sonic feeling sorry for his simple buddy? Had Tails been taking drugs when no one was looking?  Was there some sorta gravity effect in this new realm that only affected the star of the show? And why was the ginger one not flying?

The same questions must be asked about the split screen two player mode, not that the bonus of genuine multiplayer action on the Mega Drive was an issue. Just how come?



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