SPOILERS UP TO SERIES FOUR

Black Sails is back with a bang and thankfully a previously on. Its been a long, empty few months free of pirate shenanigans and all the rum has probably addled your brain. So to let you play catch up the intro concisely tells the story up to the start of the, sadly, last series.

Charles Vane is dead, Blackbeard has dramatically joined the fray and Nassau town along with the fort is in charge of the scurvy English pig dogs, after all everyone is rooting for the corsairs? Right?

After a spectacular ending to last season this one starts of with a sombre tone, a drowning man struggles vainly to free his foot from a submerged rigging, we latter find out it is the Machiavellian Long John Silver. As it is the pegged legged schemer himself the audience is assured of his outcome and any tension vanishes.

After the short build up we get treated to some spectacle and what spectacle! Rightly or wrongly Michael Bay has many detractors but as one of the shows executive producers he must receive many a plaudit. The production values are through the roof; simple things such as grime under an extras finger nails, the background characters all looking exotic and individual or dead body looking like a dead body lend the programme an air of class and grandeur. And that is leaving out the special effects, the naval battles match some of the tosh churned out on the big screen as cannon shot rips through flesh and wood alike to devastating effect.

Then for some reason we have Eleanor and Max doing some crochet. There might have been a reason, I missed it. To make up for this surprising sexist moment the madam squares of against Luke Rodger’s Governor Rogers. With it unlikely either will back down the battle lines are drawn with the chillingly delivered “This is now an island of true friends and mortal enemies”

To really ramp up the tension we now have Flint and Billy Bones at loggerheads, something that has been simmering along for quite some time. It all came to ahead and to make matters more titillating it wasn’t fully resolved. Something has to give and the safe money must be on the Captain of the Walrus, after all he has dispatched more than one so called ally along the way.

With only nine episodes left till a curtain is drawn over this cracking tale of debauchery, daring do, conspiracy and romance the pace is set and shows no sign of letting up *cough* The Walking Dead *cough* One question remains though… What happened to the goat?



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