Saturday night is the night for partying, for drinking till you can’t see and when walking the breadth of the room seems like a minor miracle. A night for partying till your pants mysteriously drop off and the ability to count to ten is beyond you. A night for making new friends that you only converse with in screams, outlandish dance moves and shouted songs lyrics.

Or it would be if old age hadn’t caught up with me. The days of my shenanigans, hi-jinx and stupidity seem lost in the past of hazy memories. These days you can find me folding my clothes, washing the dishes and hovering the flat. All above board and in order here.

Do I yearn for a time I can no longer reclaim? Not particularly, while I do miss the care free  days of yore I have in short – grown up. A scary notion if ever there was one but as we all progress along the highway of life we either grow or stagnate.

That is not to say I have left behind the people, activities or pastimes that made me what I have become. Instead I have embraced them and stated this online adventure, after all denying your true nature is a fools game. So Saturday nights on the razz might be a distant memory but then most things are…

My mind freezes as I try and dredge up a thought from a time before and my back aches from injuries long received. The original point of this post escapes me but then so do most things, my synapses shudder from their unexpected exercise as gears wear into life. The hamster is coaxed back into his wheel to help clear out the cobwebs and dust, little by little the lights are being relight.

Activities are crossed of the to-do list as quickly as new ones are added, sleep has become a necessity at the end of a tiring day as opposed to an acceptable way to pass the time. Still I am not quite whole, concentration levels weaver dramatically from razor sharp to are those my feet? All this may sound bleak and macabre but my mind is eased with the knowledge that I have done all this before, each point along the way is signposted and the dust bares my tracks from a previous trip.

Though worryingly I still can’t recall the reason of this post…



I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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