Something is going on these days, something is going on most days but recently I have become aware of a few signs that have my hair on the nape of my neck standing on end. At first they are easily dismissed; coincidental occurrences, minor events that can be overlooked and easily dismissed.

Chance meetings of old acquaintance after old acquaintance has left me scratching my head. These folk have been in hiding, yet all at once they seem to be coming out of the woodwork, perplexed I shrug my shoulders and meander onwards. Their brief and inane exchanges have left me drained and weary of the repetitiveness of life, nothing left but to trudge onwards to my destination.

This is not the only moment of deja vu that I have experienced of late, I can hardly escape it. A walk chosen at random brings back memories that seem blurry and somewhat tainted, obscure thoughts drift into my subconsciousness. Have I been here before? Does it matter and where did I leave my cigarette lighter? I survey the scene as I ponder the deeper meaning of life and try and gain some insight into situation.

Days blur into each other as I mark off the suns progression on my calendar with a hastily scrawled red X. The mountain scenery above the weeks seems achingly familiar, a tickle of information begins to burrow its way into my frontal lobe. I stretch after but it slips through my grasp to continue the mocking game of hide and seek it instigated earlier.

The flight pattern of swallows distracts me and old memories long forgotten begin to bubble up once more, the tea leaves at the bottom of my cup stare back at me like and old friend. My mind wanders to the past as I retrace my steps in my head, as I search for something to anchor me to this plane of reality I notice something. My Twitter followers *cough* @DolefulDoug *cough*  has reached the number of 666, this jars me awake and set the pulse quickening. What is even more worrying is that I had recently been subjecting my brain to some ancient scripture, looking for answers. A path to take in life and something else to study.

A few morsels shook loose and my heart began to quicken, the time was upon me and I was ready to set forth into the world again. Then the room spun, the bubble burst and my memory skipped away mockingly. Unsure what to do I decided the carpet required hovering, after all in my trance I had been staring at the neglected surface for quite some while. First to check the electricity meter, don’t want anything untoward happening. £6.66 left…

Turns out I’m a prophet of the Lord…


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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