The other day I went hunting a film I had not seen in an absolute age. Fifteen years or so, a long time in anyones book. The DVD in question was Pearl Harbor, not a particularly rare specimen or indeed a particularly hard to track down item. We are hardly talking the lost treasure of Tutankhamun!

Now as we all know money does not grow on tress so the budget was somewhat short of a kings ransom. While I might not be begging on the street, just yet, I am not exactly rolling in it. The plan was simple: visit the emporium of electronic delights that is CeX, the capital at the end of the name is important, well according to Google.

To begin with I was somewhat sidetracked , the second hand games of yesteryear hidden behind a sliding glass security door caught me eye and whisked me back to sitting on the sofa, kicking my heels against the bottom of it and jerking my controller to make the eight bit character jump even farther.

They were all Nintendo, not a spikey blue hedgehog in sight. I tutted disapprovingly and continued on my quest. Alphabetisation was my ally in this endeavour as I made a bee line straight for P. Try as I might I could not find my intended target; I looked once, I looked twice, indeed I looked thrice but Ben Affleck’s World War tale was nowhere in sight. Flummoxed I toyed with the idea of asking the staff but luckily my common sense took over and I decide against this foolish course of asking. After all human interaction is fraught with all manner of pitfalls.

Dejected I cast my weary eye of the titles again in the forlorn hope of finding my prize.

Pathfinder? Yeah sure, why not. If I squint really hard I can pretend that there are kamikaze pilots and explosions in the background.

I’m good at pretending…


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