Christmas done, New year under the belt and 2017 started with a vengeance. Only one thing was missing and that was a few hours on my shiny new Mega Drive plug in and play, featuring eighty built in games I’ll have you know! One thing missing was Streets of Rage but then you can’t have it all… Where would you keep it?

Hurdles have been overcome in this quest for retro gaming glory; Uncooperative postmen have been dealt with, distractions have been vanquished and problematic televisions have been sequestered away from prying eyes, happily replaced with their more harmonious brethren.

Electricity meters have been toped up and batteries purchased, after all every disappointed child knows that batteries are not included. Snacks have been bought, energy drinks are on standby, colostomy bags have been researched and sourced. All in all operation Rose Tinted Spectacles was in full force.

The box itself is a treat, full of colour and cartoons from yesteryear. Bold imprints from my youth leap out to assault my retinas and sear knowledge into the very core of my brain. Memories long buried sneak back into my consciousness and frolic with my synapsis, playfully tugging on my heartstrings. I could gleefully lust after the artwork all day but my appetite for all things Sega has left me frothing out the mouth.

The on switch is prodded to great acclaim and fanfare as the monitor springs to life to offer up a veritable host of wholesome treats: Alex Kidd in The Enchanted Castle, that’s all well and good but it’s not exactly Miracle World. Columns and Columns three, what happened to two? The fact I was unaware of the existence of Three is neither here or there. Vectorman  and the sequel, reputedly cracking games but then I never played them, ditto for Ristar.  Throw in about forty games that a three year old could have designed and indeed conquered and the entertainment list is looking frayed and unimpressive.

Dear reader don’t desert me just yet, I am no the complete ingrate that the previous paragraph paints me out to be. I may have a few complaints to raise but I am no heathen. My childhood was not the complete disaster that you think and this little box of tricks might just rescue the boy inside. Step forward more Sonic games than a man can handle, Comix Zone, Mortal Kombat and Golden Axe, both one to three.

Money well spent in my most humble opinion. Now only if I had some friends to play these games with… Maybe It’s because I moan too much…

Oh yes and the graphics aren’t as good as I remember.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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