Some days it don’t come easy. And some days it don’t come hard. Some days it don’t come at all. And these are the days that never end…

Or so I have heard…

I have good moments, I have bad moments, I have troublesome moments, I have hilarious moments and I have eerie moments. I hit the heady highs and the murky depths, the bleakness of the mind is not a stranger but conversely the elation of nothingness is a memory of the past. After all hope springs eternal!

Simple things bring me pleasure; the taste of something long forgotten, a conversation from a previous time that resurfaces to plant a smile on my face, the chill night air on my face is a friend as I wander aimlessly along the footpath of life.

Perhaps I am too maudlin for the masses. Perhaps no one is reading, perhaps I should stop asking question that no one is going to answer. Perhaps the cabin fever has finally hit and perhaps the matron might soon be here to administrate some more of that lovely oblivion that I so crave.


The lackadaisical nature fades and I am once again confronted with the desire to spring into action, to once again release pent-up energy and turn cartwheels across the floor… A new screenplay awaits, notes taken and ideas inked. Thoughts that race unbidden inside my central cortex  jibber for my attention. I ignore them…

After all my first effort requires a sprinkling of fairy dust and a polishing off, a few tweaks here and a few there. One or two misdemeanours that require my attention, not urgent but somewhat more pressing than they should be. After all George Lucas once said “A movie is never finished it, only abandoned”

Screenplay for sale, screenplay, screenplay for sale-

How much for the screenplay?

It’s not for sale…



I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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