Is this a mid season break? Is it important? Are we going to loose interest and am I going to have to find something else to write about?

This weeks episode starts with a melancholy moment as Maggie pouts over Glenn’s grave to really drive home the emotion we get some plinky plonky music over the mourning woman. At the least the writers have some brains as this pathetic attempt to tug on our heartstrings is thankfully short.

To continue with the confusion we have Negan taking Carl under his wing with no real explanation! He teaches him to shave, to underline the fact he is a badass perhaps? Maybe just maybe it’s because he is psychotic…

Some things really do need to be questioned, like were did the rolls at dinner time come from? The means to make breaded delight have not been spotted and while we are at it, were did the spaghetti come from? Surely all but the basics have been consumed? In the grander scheme of things in doesn’t really matter but it is more interesting than watching Carol have a crisis of personality…

To make this a doubly exciting episode we are introduced to a new character, well their feet at least. It is probably meant to be teasing or foreshadowing but as always this falls flat on it’s face because of a case of too many cooks. Don’t worry though because we have The Saviours back in town and they mean business, the business of being assholes and stone cold killers! Hi I’m Spencer Munro and I’m a bit of an idiot, yes you are. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Also some woman who’s name escapes me.

This weeks fare was not a total lose as Daryl escape was handled with classic tension and a violent payoff, though way a coward and total looser was guarding the bikes and gates remains one of life’s little mysteries.

Then we have possible one of the improbable moments so far and that’s saying an awful lot, the lovely Rosita has had enough of hi jinx of Negan and his crew and takes matters into her own hands. With the only bullet at her disposal the crack shot pulls out her gun and fires, inexplicably the casing lodges in Lucille. Next we will have a priest being saved by a Holy Bible in his breast pocket!!

And that’s that, no wait he have Rick, Maggie and co been reunited. With no speech the camera flicks from one to the other and we have to put up with a five minute smile fest, someone has been watching to much of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King…


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