That’s right folks, another Walking Dead post!! I’ll get back to something different in the future, trust me I’m a Doctor…

Cracking news, Negan is back! However like most events in life it comes with a downside and this weeks elephant trap comes in the shape of Carl. For some inexplicable reason the boy blunder decided it was a smart move to hitch a ride back to The Saviours base camp. To compound matters he then fails to follow some good advice and doesn’t take the stealthy approach. Just when you thought he couldn’t get any stupider he wastes his element of surprise and guns down a goon instead of the main man. So far so Carl…

Not only does this strategy raise some eyebrows it brings to our attention the fact that the van’s back door is not shut and only covered by plastic flaps. Is this normal behaviour for our crew of marauding foes or is it just a massive coincidence? It is almost as random and unexpected as finding a walker in a tree cradling a crossbow with a list of supply caches written in Latin sequestered about his person…

In all honesty this episode raises more questions that answers. Questions like; What are all the people doing milling about on the factor floor before Negan shows up? Can anyone remember how Carl lost his eye? Does anyone care? Why bother the props department with the task writing out a rambling message on a wooden board if you are not going to let the viewer read it? And the biggie – is that a homage to Die Hard when Jeffery Dean Morgan takes off his shoes and crumples his toes into the carpet or am I, as usual, losing my marbles.




I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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