We could be watching Negan rampage his way through the countryside, we could watch Rick and his crew plot sweet revenge, we could be watching Daryl attempt to escape, hell we could even be watching Carl and female Carl have a pointless romance!! But for reasons left unanswered we are watching Tara and… Keith? Heath? I don’t think it matters.

If that wasn’t enough we get some new blood as well, sounds like a grand idea… Just to really hammer home that these new survivors are here to stay we get some new terminology for zombies. We’ve had Walkers, The Dead, Biters and now Bobbers – they must be important because they get there own lingo!

Not only are the newcomers clogging up an already busy roster they heavily hint at a backstory. Rachel, a twelve year old girl is strangely smitten with the idea of murder. Odds are that a future episode featuring her is in the works because the already established crew don’t have enough to do… Not only are the johnny-come-latelys a mild annoyance they can’t even do their job properly, after rescuing Tara from the surf and leaving her food and water she is left on her back. What, no recovery position?

Then what do we get? Yep you guessed it, more backstory!! The hideout is only populated by woman, something about The Saviours killing all the men, more pressing would be were do they get there ammo out here in the back and beyond? Despite having half their population massacred by the last people they ran into these would be Amazonians decide to trust Tara despite her somewhat fishy nature… To really drive home the stupidity of these people the leader insists that Tara is “a skilled fighter and a good person” despite having known her for a maximum of on day. Should have listened to the bloodthirsty little hellion.

By the end Tara has made it back to the bridge were her and Leith parted company. Did he make it back safely and more importantly , what was his name?



I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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