Finally it’s here!! The premier of series seven of The Walking Dead, fans have waited quite a few months for the conclusion of last seasons tantalising cliffhanger. The only problem being that instead of showing us who bit the dust it meanders along then throws in a few flashbacks, it is not until fifteen minutes in that we finally find out who bows out.

We’ve waited patiently all summer long and for some reason the writers decide the best course of action is to make us wait even longer, however when the action starts it is brutal in the extreme, this is not for the faint of heart.

Brain is splattered all over the ground, blood in steaks of glistening crimson adorns the faces of Rick and his companions, eyeballs pop out their sockets as viscera is sprayed all around. Gore was prominent in previous years but here it seems to have reached a peak, as a horror this makes perfect sense but sometimes it feels a case of style over substance.

To really kick the action into gear there are two deaths instead of the anticipated one, this is actually a real godsend as this culls the herd a bit, too much screen time was been afforded to unnecessary characters and with new ones looking to be introduced this year it clears the waters a bit and lets focus fall on the more exciting stars.

One of the big plusses is that Negan is totally off the handle, the word badass doesn’t do him justice. He delivers his lines with a menace and threat that are totally believable, not only that but he carries out his threats, it is quite possible that he and Lucille will be stealing the show.

However two questions remain: Why does Carl not know what a southpaw is and if Negan wanted his axe so much why did he throw it away…

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