On paper the idea of Sausage Party is a good one. An adult Toy Story were food is alive that is based on an idea by Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Evan Goldberg sounds an enticing prospect. Unfortunately the reality is far from the original promise.

This film really does get your expectations up, not only is Rogen helping pen his concept he stars, alongside him you have the stellar talents of Kristen (don’t mention Ghostbusters) Wigg, Edward Norton, Michael Cera and Salma Hayek. Not content with a golden main cast the likes of James Franco, Danny McBride, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill and Bill Hader all fill the roster. This really is a star studded cast.

However the talented guys n gals are given a out of date, swear filled, stereotype riven and disappointingly unfunny script. There is nothing wrong with swearing, go fu*king nuts, but when every second fu*king word is a fu*king profanity it losses its fu*king humour. Referencing films over sixteen and twenty years old is a bold move that many a younger viewer is going to miss, classic films they may be but hardly topical targets. Though the icing on the cake is a Stephen Hawking impression, these weren’t funny the first time around and these days they’re just cringe worthy.

And to top it all off you have the racial stereotypes; A Jewish bagel that sounds like Woody Allen, the German foods are Nazis, the Irish potatoes sing Danny Boy, the Native American character even goes for a rendition of “Hey how are you” and the Middle East lavash, well you can guess…

The animation is serviceable enough without the Pixar sparkle, though how creative the artists could be over a sausage with spindly arms and legs is debatable. It is only really Wigg who leaves this failed experiment with any credibility after a energetic and distinct performance, oh and to be fair Norton’s imitation of Woody Allen is bang on the money…

Verdict: If you find swearing food funny you’ll be in your element if you don’t however even the charm of a top notch cast wont make this anything more than watchable.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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