Jessica Jones.

And it’s a mixed bag.


The ever watchable David Tennant oozes oily charm and quiet menace, however until episode five his screen time is limited. The appearance of Luke Cage promises violence and action. However the fights are unimaginative and coupled with the charisma free zone of Mike Colter the character soon becomes a chore. Carrie-Anne Moss brings some Hollywood clout yet her story is easily dismissed against the backdrop of the bigger picture.

Numerous love arcs abound yet none hold the attention as they are played with as much vigour as a tortoises funeral. The few action set pieces are stale and over quickly however it is not all bad news, step forward the titular character played by Krysten Ritter and the wonderfully villainous Kilgrave.

For those familiar with the big screen escapades of Thor, Iron Man et al Jessica Jones is not a standard Marvel superhero. She doesn’t have a brightly coloured outfit or a silly alias. However  Jessica does have the knack of turning up at just the right moment to save the day and there are enough clichéd nameless goons to punch in the face but it is not all bad news. This is grown up T.V, she is struggling to make ends meet, drinking herself to sleep and troubled by her past. Instead of government work, flying about saving the day or anything so exciting she is a private eye living in the bad part of town.

This is a comic book show for adults. Dealing with such issues as drug abuse, rape, alcoholism, free will and all set against a dreary backdrop it is clearly not for children. Oh there is sex and swearing but they seem like an afterthought as it is the grimy thought of a man that can make you do whatever he wants that helps elevates this above average.

The show is at its best when Ritter or Tennant are on screen, Moss portrays a nasty piece of work with worrying ease but her storyline is diminished against the threat of mind control. Let down by its supporting actors the show is still confirmed for a second series but with the possibility  that David Tennant is not returning it has some big shoes to fill.



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