Its been a long time coming but today I finally purchased a X-Box One.

Yippee and so forth.

Now it has been a good few years since I brought a games console so I needed to do my research and by that I don’t mean X-Box or PlayStation. My mind was made up long ago, I owned the original X-Box and the 360 so there was only going to be one option. I’m the loyal sort, if Sega still did consoles I’d be buying them!

What I had to ponder was the option of memory. Do I really want to pay an extra fifty pounds for something I’m not going to need. Okay I didn’t ponder it for long… I’ll go for the 500GB thanks. Oh I also get Fifa 16 with that, well you can’t have everything I guess.

This should be easy; walk to the game store, demand the console and the icing on the cake; Fallout 4.

I made it to the store in one piece, a good start! The shop wasn’t busy, a great start!! I march up to the counter and place my order. This is were it starts to go wrong…

Is this a replacement or a new purchase? Asked the cashier.

Firstly: do a lot of people loose/break their X-Box’s for you to ask this question? And secondly: Why are you standing here making small talk when I just asked to buy something worth two hundred pounds?

Eventually the fella retreats to the store room to collect my prize but when he comes back he has further questions.

Do you have a gold membership you could transfer over or would you like to buy a…

Just the console and Fallout 4 please.

That’ll be one hundred and ninety nine pounds please.

Well I guess he said please… What about Fallout 4?

I really want Fallout 4! It’s the whole reason for this little endeavour, it’s why I got up early on my day off to go into town and it’s why I’m standing there dealing with this silly chap.

He eventually rectifies his error and retrieves the game for me but before he rings it through the till he looks at it and pauses.

Oh it’s on offer, only twenty four ninety nine.

And then he does nothing but look at me expectantly. Now I wanted the game when it was full price, I want it more now that it is half price but still he does nothing. Is he waiting for me to okay this or make a comment or something?

Yeah that’s good, I’ll take it. I hazard.

He scans it through, I gave the right answer, I passed the test! I can now go home and start up a game of my beloved Fallout. Or I could if he was finished.

Now the X-Box comes with a one year guarantee but we offer a two year one at..

No I’m fine thanks.

As he hands me the boxed console and game he has one piece of advice.

Make sure you hold on to the bottom as we’ve had ones that fall out.

I look at him in a new light, what a cracking pun but as I start to smile I see he has no expression, no joy at the entertaining joke he has just pulled out the bag, nothing. He doesn’t even realise.

There is just no helping some people.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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