With a trailer for season seven of The Walking Dead due to be screened at Comic -Con this Friday now is a perfect time to look at the shocking finale to season six and ask, who did Negan murder?

To protect the secret eleven death scenes have been shot, all is hush hush in the world of the walkers so it’s all guess work and idle speculation.

Yippee, idle speculation!!

1. Rick: It’s not going to be Rick, calm down. As the star of the show, the main man and leader of our band of intrepid heroes he is safe. It would be an almighty curve ball for him to bite the bullet and quite frankly would make no sense story wise. So lets not get any ririckulous ideas…

2. Carl: Likewise his son is safe. He might be annoying, doesn’t do as he is told and isn’t as cool as he thinks he is but he’s safe. Images of a child getting brutally beaten to death are not going to sit well with the money men and head honchos so we will all have to put up with the boy wonder for another season.

3. Daryl: It could be the redneck but as a series regular and with a large fan base it would be quite a shock. Not only that but Daryl has his vendetta with Dwight to finish, so cutting that storyline short would be a strange move.

4. Michonne: Finding some form of happiness in a show like The Walking Dead is always a bad move, after all it will make any future death all the more poignant. So our sword wielding friend could be in some considerable danger after her and Rick started something special.

5. Glenn: In the comics it is Glenn that meets his demise at the hands of Negan and Lucille. To keep the fans guessing it is entirely possible that means he is safe in the T.V version. Not only that but when Glenn losses it over Maggie’s predicament Negan allows that “First one’s free” so it would be a bit of a U-turn to pulverise him.

6. Maggie: While the fact she is pregnant might seem like a safety net al la Carl it could also go against her as the show already has one baby to deal with and keep safe, two might be a step to far. Along with Michonne she is the most at risk from the established cast.

7. Aaron: It really could be, as relative newcomer he has not established himself in the group to make him indispensable. Handy in a fight and that’s about it. Only reason not to be him is that his death would have no emotional impact on the audience.

8. Abraham: Like Michonne he has recently found some happiness putting him at major risk. To further increase his chances of shuffling off the mortal coil he tries to stare down Negan. A likely contender.

9. Sasha: No reason not to be and ever reason to be. Looks like Abraham might be regretting dumping Rosita!

10. Eugene: He gave the plans for making ammunition to Rick, meaning he doesn’t need to be about for it to be implemented so other than being amusing has no real purpose. Going forward not much for him to do, at severe risk of not making season seven.

11. Rosita: Like Sasha no real reason not to be. Doesn’t really contribute much.

So there you go. Who’s your guess for the candidate for most likely to be gruesomely killed? Comment below.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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