When Gods of Egypt was released in the cinemas it was met with universally bad reviews. Empire gave it one star, it sits at a measly twelve percent on Rotten Tomatoes and Mark Kermode described it as “intergalactically stupidly bad”. However Director Alex Proyas has hit back in a strongly worded post on Facebook.

The Crow director describes critics as ” a pack of diseased vultures pecking at the bones of a dying carcass” and called them out on just following the herd “Seems most critics spend their time trying to work out what most people will want to hear” he goes on to say that  “None of them are brave enough to say “well I like it” if it goes against consensus”

He has a point, after all it is human nature to go with the flow and follow the flock. If enough people tell you something is bad you probably wont try and find out for yourself. This is a shame as It turns out Gods of Egypt is not really that bad after all, oh it has shortcomings; some dodgy special effects, dialogue that falls flat and the most annoying lead since well since time immemorial  but it is not all bad. Action aplenty, amusing sections, though admittedly these are unintentional and Gerard Butler shouting a lot. What’s not to like?

Is Gods of Egypt a good film? Probably not. Is it as bad as everyone is making out? Definitely not!

Have you seen the film in question? What did you think, let me know in the comments section below and for the full tirade by Alex Proyas go here.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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