Hello WordPress its been a while but don’t despair much like Arnold Schwarzenegger I’m back. I could regale you with stories of what I’ve done in my hiatus but they would be short and unendingly dull, so I wont.

Lucky you.

Well go on then just a wee one. I decided what my favourite album ever is, so I’ve not completely wasted my time then…  Not the best, not the most meaningful or iconic just my personal favourite.

It is *drum roll* Regular Urban Survivors by Terrorvision. So now you know.

And they have a tour planned for November, so I’ll see you all at the Glasgow leg.

No prizes for guessing what band I’m playing you out with.

To the future though, I’ve rediscovered some of my motivation. Not much but perhaps enough for the occasional post to my blog. I’m also planning on purchasing a X-Box One and Fallout 4, so no prizes for guessing what I’m thinking of blogging about!

Of course I’m still on Twitter @DolefulDoug so why don’t you pop along and follow me, I promise not to be too miserable.

I could go on about the finale of Game of Thrones or theories on who Negan killed on The Walking Dead. I could but I wont, don’t wont to do too much too soon and also I can’t be bothered!

So I’ll return in, lets say a week, with something more thought provoking and meaningful or you know just a piece on a film or something…

I’ll see you all on the flip side.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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