With so many storylines up in the air this weeks episode of The Walking Dead must seem like a distraction. The possible death of Glenn, the aftermath of The Wolves attack on Alexandria and the fate of the mega herd are all left as they were in favour of a feature length outing for Morgan.

As he has only appeared in a handful of episodes prior to last night the possibility of Morgan now becoming a main character seem likely, after all do we really need to find out how he became proficient with a quarterstaff and why he is now a peace loving guru if he is going to melt back into a bit part role.

We also got introduced to his Yoda, a soon to be dead Eastman. After all we know Morgan is alone by the time he reaches Rick so all bets where off in regards to his new friends fate and when in did happen question must be asked.

Question like: Why didn’t he just thwack the walker in the head with his five foot long staff instead of pushing Morgan away and getting the fatal bite from the pesky undead. After all he seemed quite hardy having survived all this time alone in the woods with only a goat for company.

And who was Morgan telling his story to? One of The Wolves of course, all tied up and back in Alexandria. Good job he locked the door, I’m sure his captive will still be there when he checks back on him… Just don’t tell Carol!


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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