Warning Walking Dead spoiler alert

This weeks storyline decided to continue the action from episode one and ignore the events of The Wolves attacking Alexandria, bets are next weeks episode will do the same but in reverse.

This however was a fantastic excuse for a bucket load of action, with Rick and co out in the middle of nowhere and with an unruly herd of walkers in close proximity. Conveniently there was a host of cannon fodder, sorry Alexandrians, ready to be zombie chow.

As the new recruits to the show dropped like flies tension mounted between Michonne and Heath as the former put the latter firmly in place. Impressively she managed to keep here tirade to a whisper with the dead snooping about outside.

Less impressive was Nicholas, in life he was a pain and liability and in death he might just have taken one of the shows favourite sons with him. However as we know walker gore masks humans and Glenn more than likely covered in the stuff we might just see him still alive when the next episode hits our screens…


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