The Walking Dead loves to give you character back story and last nights episode was no different, step forward Enid. Despite the fact she is a fairly new kid on the zombie block, despite the fact there are several more established survivors that could do with a few flashbacks we get the young girl hiding in cars and writing JSS all over the place.

Else were it is a good job Carol turned bad-ass all those seasons ago because Alexandria was under attack and Morgan has gone all zen and has decided not to kill anyone.

There is a time and place Morgan a time and place…

The wolves attacked in force and it was a regular blood bath, though as four or five of there number escaped this surely can’t be the last we will see of them. As long as people remember to shut the gate everything should be fine and dandy, it took Morgan most of the episode to do it!!

Annoyingly is seems next week will refocus on Rick and the herd of walkers instead of Alexandria and the wolves. Writers, pick a storyline and go with it!!


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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