With The Walking Dead shambling onto our screens last night you would have been forgiven for checking your television wasn’t on the fritz as for the first five minutes it was black and white. This turned out to be nothing more than a artsy why of avoiding confusion as a now and then story line ripped through the opening episode.

It wasn’t just the lack of colour that caused a bit of puzzlement, instead of starting where the last series left off this season started like an episode had been missed, it all caught up with itself eventually but was rather pointless, when the world you know is rubble and 90% of the population want to eat you the excitement and tension is already in place, messing with the time lines just isn’t needed!!

Another way to avoid head scratching would not to have this ludicrous split time event in the first place, after all we don’t need to see the group building a wall as we have already seen the end product. Though in fairness the thought of another safe haven going pear shaped was sidetracked by this dual time story telling device.

One plus point was the return of Morgan, teased at in last seasons finale now back in full force though seemingly only to act as Rick’s conscience. The walkers themselves have been gathering quietly stage left and the supporting cast must be looking over their shoulders with some trepidation as that many zombies can only mean one thing- Step forward the cannon fodder!


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