Since the tenth of September I’ve had my grubby mitts on a brand new copy of Destiny for the X-Box 360 and ever since the tenth of September I’ve not been able to play it.

This is because of the fact you have to download chunks of the game off the marketplace before any action takes place. In of itself this is not really a major dilemma, I have no qualms about the practice it doesn’t cost anything and it stops the minor irritant of changing discs halfway through a campaign.

On small problem does represent itself, I live in the middle of nowhere.

Internet speed is fine for Facebooking, Tweeting and so on but to download something is a day job, not a ten minute affair. My task was made even more unpalatable by the fact that the X-Box needed a update all of own, I’m not an idiot I had a simple plan – ignore the update and fire straight into my new game, who cares that I’m not connected to Live.

Turns out you need to be connected to Live start the game, bol*#cks!!

Two hours later i’m not in the mood to play Destiny basically I threw a tantrum but at my age you can’t get away with that, so I wasn’t in the mood. Means the same thing.

A few days later I was back with an itch for futuristic sc-fi action. I’m connected to Live, the X-box has its download and ready for anything. An update is available… oh for pity sake!! So I’ll download that and away we go.

With both irksome updates out the way I can get down to the nitty gritty of playing the effing game.

Nope I now need to download bits of Destiny itself. Fine I’ll set it up then go for a walk, kill some time that way and when I get back everything should  be ready for me. Nope now the X-Box has learned a new trick, it randomly disconnects from live and I’m sitting at only 55% complete instead of 100%.

Woe is me!

I’ll get there in the end but it better be worth it!!


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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