2005’s edition of the Fantastic Four did not really set the bar particularly high. That been said it is bright, breezy and has a knockabout fun kinda vibe, the most recent outing for Reed Richards and co has none of these values, choosing instead the doom and gloom of a failed experiment.

This time around the four heroes, plus Victor are working on teleportation instead of exploring space, the fated experiment goes wrong and everyone winds up with superpowers. A basic premise that should leave time to explore the characters story, their relationships with each other and of course the statutory Marvel action scenes.

Instead we get very little of anything; Reed and Ben are friends, Johnny has daddy issues, Victor is grumpy and Sue is a good girl. Everything is flat and dull, nothing examined for very long or indeed at any other level than primary school.

When the action does finally kick off it comes out of nowhere, no real preamble no build just the sudden arrival of Dr Doom. The problem once again that everything gets glossed over, here you have The Human Torch, The Thing and of course Mrs Storm but like the rest of the film the focus is on Reed. You might think a man on fire would be exciting but director Josh Trank disagrees as the elasticated man seems to be is only interest at times.

Conclusion: One of the worst Marvel movies to date as nothing really happens and when it does it is over in a flash.


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