Jurassic World is a not so much a reboot or continuation but a remake of Spielberg’s original masterpiece.  The same ideas, the same plot, basically the same film albeit with a few more whistles and bells added on. That is not to say this is a bad thing, just lack of originality means you will find yourself playing who’s going to make it to the end and you will probably be able to guess right every time. The cannon fodder comes and goes as each meaningless character is introduced for nothing more that dino chow. The kids are safe because they are kids, Chris Pratt is safe because he is Chris Pratt and so on. It’s a fun game to play…

Only during the quiet moments though and there are only a few of them, as director Colin Trevorrow knows what the audience want and that is big dinosaurs destroying everything in their path! If the humans are not getting munched on it is the other inhabitants of the island that are the on the menu. However the battles between them are blink and you’ll miss them affairs, the Ankylosauria’s appearance in particular receives short shrift.   As does the parks new attraction; an eye here a mouth full of dagger-like teeth there, it is drawn out, teased to the maximum like something out of a horror movie but when you get to see the beast in all its glory it is somewhat of a disappointment.

The star of the show might be a blood thirsty killing machine but with children and the age rating in mind a lot of the violence takes place behind a car, round a corner, in the dark, in the bushes. This is not just a film but a money making machine, don’t want to be giving the children nightmares now!

Verdict: Don’t go in expecting anything new but Jurassic World does what it says on the tin.  All in all a decent summer blockbuster for you to sink your teeth in.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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