terminator-genisys-script-matth-smith-character-620x350To get the most out of Terminator Genisys you need to be a fan of the series or at the very least seen each movie in the franchise. This is due to the numerous nods and knowing winks towards the previous installments, without said knowledge it will still make sense but the enjoyment will be lessened. Think Back to the Future part two but with a hell of a lot more explosions and you have a inkling of what to expect. There might not be any disappearing photos on display but that is okay as Arnie’s embittered T-800 is on hand to explain the time travelling paradox, well at least he tries…  Just don’t think about the that aspect and it should all make sense.

For some reason Genisys has gone down the humour route; pet names are thrown about, Arnie can’t smile, you’ve seen it all before and the law of diminishing returns is in full effect here.  That is not to say it is short on action, director Alan Taylor knows what he is doing. Fresh out of Thor: The Dark World he does the best with what he has at his disposal. The action is handled with aplomb, it is just the bits in-between that ruins everyone’s fun.

Another problem is the casting; however talented Emilie Clarke and Jai Courtney are, however much the click, they are not Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn. With the time zones messed up like nobodies business, why not bring back the original heroes? Sometimes it seems Courtney is there to ask the questions that the audience need explaining.

For a summer blockbuster and especially one from the Terminator name the special effects are average, hit and miss at best. It is easy to see where the money has been spent as early explosions and later chase scenes look half baked and are noticeable CGI where as Arnie circa 84 looks the business and flits in and out of the film seamlessly.

Verdict:  Not so much a reboot as a sequel. A sequel that falls massively short of it’s illustrious predecessors, well two of them anyway.  Take away a star if you have never seen the previous films.


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