The current Game of Thrones series ended on one hell of a cliffhanger. Not is Jon Snow as dead as he seems or is Arya Stark blind for ever, not is Reek and Sansa escape plan genius or last resort. Not even is Stannis dearly departed.

No the nail biting question here is: Will fans of the books wait for the nest installment, The Winds of Winter or watch series six when its aired as the TV show is now caught up with precedings. Granted HBO have missed out a few plot threads, relegated characters and ignored others but the main story is paused at the same place in both the written and acted word.

It is hard for anyone who has watched the program not to associate Jon with Kit Harington or Peter Dinklage with Tyrion, such is the strength of the casting department, so delving back into the source material might prove harder than first thought as your imagination is taken away from you or perhaps easier as your brain doesn’t have to work as hard to form a mental picture!

Either way George RR Martin is not renowned for his speed when it comes to writing. The first novel in the series was published in 1996 and with four novels since practice has not equated to perfect. So perhaps the choice will be taken from you as the show is a seasonal creature.

According to a recent article in The Independent he claims to be working frantically to finish book six before the show is next broadcast so the race is on!

One massive bonus for fans of the show is no spoilers from the fans of the books, no spoiler to say Jon is likely to warg into Ghost then back to his body when the time is right. No spoiler to say Daenerys spends far to much time faffing about across the Iron Sea and needs to get over to Westeros sharp quick.

So what is your poison? Will you wait patiently for the next installment to be published or delve back into A Song of Ice and Fire at the first given moment.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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