The first thing to note about the new post apocalyptic offering from Bethesda is that X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 owners are receiving short shrift as it is only available on the current generation systems, so a reason to upgrade then! A look at the official trailer will make the reasons behind that call obvious:

What we know:

1.It is set in Boston
So expect; Fenway Park, The Museum of Science, The Bunker Hill Monument and their ilk to get the decaying remnants of man treatment.

2. Your four legged friend can’t die.
Dogmeat could die, this resulted in many a load of previous file after all some humanity was needed. Bethesda have taken note and this time around expect the canine to be a lot more use.

3.You can build settlements.
Maybe in a tower defense way or just in a boost experience/store WMD’s way.

4.You can modify your power armour
Fallout New Vegas gave us mods to gun ammo and all sorts, the next logical step been the clothes you wear. The word on everyone lips is – jetpack!

5.Deathclaw’s are back
You can’t have a nuclear apocalypse without them.

6.It’s big
Three was big, New Vegas even more so, logically four will blow your mind! Lead producer, Jeff Gardiner, told GamesRadar “I’ve played the game probably 400 hours, and I’m still finding stuff that I haven’t seen yet,” Thats a lot of hours!

7.Your character has a voice.
A rare occurrence in rpg, the main character speaks. This lowers immersion levels, only time will tell if it imroves the game.

8.It is out this year.
On November 10th to be specific. And to really get you going take a peak at the E3 gameplay video.


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