First things first: It is not required to have any knowledge of The Road Warrior out with this re-imagining but it would help fill the bones and increase the knowledge base. It will no way hinder or subtract your enjoyment from this high octane and fiery offering but it will increase it.

George Miller doesn’t hang about, the opening credits rev onto screen as Tom Hardy imparts a few choice words then it is all go. Helter skelter violence right from the get go, the English actor is a perfect replacement for the cast aside Gibson. The few lines he has are delivered in a grumble, a gravely bass that means business. After all actions speak louder than words and Max doesn’t want to speak, it would waste valuable energy and in the wasteland energy is to be conserved at all costs…

Anyone familiar with the 1981 effort will know the score, a large tanker feeling its adversaries comes under attack and it is kill or be killed. However instead of forming the end of a memorable two hours it IS the two hours!! Oh there is a brake here and there to let the audience gasp for air, slow the heart rate and pander to those that think character development is needed then it is back to the cauldron of blood and thunder.

The plot, such as it is, sees the titular character and Charlize Theron’s Furiosa cross the desert in an attempt to escape the tyrannical rule of the deformed Immortan Joe. Something about gasoline, something about water, something about blah blah blah. This however is not a slight on the movie, after all it is an ACTION event and boy does it stick to its guns.

Every sortie against the metal behemoth is greeted with a feeling of anticipation, as each time a different approach is tried; cars covered in spikes, scramble bikes, explosive spears, cannon fodder crawling beneath the rigs mammoth wheels. From the back, the sides, the front, all at once and one at a time as every conceivable scenario is covered! It is testimony the bold and ballistic direction that repetition is not a factor, the curtain drops with the thought of more a tantalising prospect. Roll on the squeal.

Verdict: A stylised re-working of this cult classic was never going to be an easy task but with the original writer/director on board the legion of fans need not of worried. Action with a capital A, fans and newcomers a like will be blown away by the sheer voracity of it all.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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