I don’t like people, I want to say this here and now. They exasperate me with their small mindedness, lack of manners and above all the number of questions they ask. Okay I don’t actively dislike many but in general I choose quite contemplation over rambunctious activities, If I don’t talk to them then they can not affect me.

It is a good plan, a solid one even but with one downfall. Online interaction…

Recently I started up a Facebook page for this very blog, it took a while but slow and steady win the race. Groups were added, entertainment sites liked, comments made and links provided. It was all going swimmingly; traffic was through the roof, I was delirious with happiness, like the cat that got the cream.

I should have rested on my laurels, gone to sleep or had a sandwich. All would have diverted the catastrophe that was about to befall me. In all innocence I added myself to one more group, what can one more hurt? In for a penny in for a pound I thought.

I’m fast running out of idioms but I shall struggle manfully on…

As I clicked the join button something unforeseen happened: nothing. I was not ready for this lack of cooperation on Facebooks behalf, taken aback I paused. Was the website mocking me? In some cruel fashion had the Gods of fate taken it upon themselves to intervene? Was I perhaps hallucinating due to lack of sleep? Maybe just maybe that cheese had been a bit more pungent than it should have been.

No the simplest answer is normally right. Occam’s razor was in full effect so I clicked join again.

This time something happened alright, all Hell broke out for a start. A little red notification circle in the top right and a message in the bottom left.


What the *!~&%$ I only tried to join a Wheel of Time group!! Oh I see because… No I don’t see but apparently having two profiles with the same name but different email addresses is cause for alarm these days. Well sound the sodding alarm and call the effing police, I now need to go through a laborious exercise of reactivating my account. Made all the more time consuming and monotonous as I don’t own a mobile phone.

I don’t know how long this will take but eventually you can find me on the previously mentioned site via the link in the who am I section of this blog. For the time been @DolefulDoug should suffice, unless of course something untoward should happen.

I don’t like people and now I don’t like Facebook, WordPress don’t try me!!


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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