The second trailer for The Force Awakens is here, more an actual event than the first ones tease.  Let’s dive back into all things Star Wars.
The music tinkles along, causing the hair to stand on end. As if that was not enough Rey’s speeder zooms past the hulking behemoth of a downed Star Destroyer as a  lone X-Wing decays in the foreground. Things to note 1: The planet is not Tatooine as many have speculated but Jakku, an entirely different desolate desert planet that in no way resembles Old Ben’s hideout and 2: If the Imperial ship had lost its battle with gravity why is it not a smoking crater?
Mark Hamill’s gravely tones impart some words of wisdom over some very familiar heavy breathing “The force is strong in my family; my father HAS it, I have it, my sister has it, you have that power to” Does this imply that Anakin is a spectral presence throughout or perhaps it is a small misdemeanor? Only time will tell, another mystery is who he is addressing. As the dialogue starts with: The force is strong in MY FAMILY it could be a possibility that he his chatting to an offshoot of the Skywalker tree.
Some more shots of the X-Wings doing their thing, skipping along the waves and blowing stuff up. Poe Dameron seems to be one of the main characters and according to Oscar Isaac “He’s the best frickin’ pilot in the galaxy.”

Then we get some quickfire action scenes including:
Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 02.35.50
Kylo Ryn swinging his, now famous, lightsaber about.
Rey, Finn and BB-8 hightailing it away from an explosion, presumably on Jakku. Though it might as well be Tatooine, after all they look identical…
A closer look at Kylo Ren, the stance says it all as the outstretched hand is the signature form of force push. A up close and personal look at Ren’s mask is a disappointment but then it was up against the iconic style of Vader’s.
Taking inspiration from The Nuremberg Rally:  Stormtroopers standing in row upon row, the general looking over them from the vantage of a balcony, large banners hanging down this clip encapsulates all things Empire, with one tiny difference. It is now The First Order, a lot like the Empire but without Palpatine…
Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 04.53.34
This is what Rey’s face, as it is important to actually know what your stars look like. She is good at piloting a speeder, running from disaster and now looking off screen. She lives on Tatoo.. Sorry Jakku where she meets Finn.
Back to the action. Some TIE fighters whine through space, presumably more for the crowd pleasing sound effect than any other reason but they lead to a hanger bay in chaos. The likely reason that some would be scoundrel has hi-jacked it in order to escape detention block  AA-23.

A few more pointless teases; Finn taking off his Stormtrooper helmet, transport shuttles heading towards a Star Destroyer, BB-8 keeking round corners, Rey helping up Finn in a come with me if you want to live moment.
However the best is yet to come as The Millennium Falcon flys into the carcass of  what is likely a Star Destroyer, the same one seen earlier perhaps? Or maybe a shipyard/city built into the remains, speculation starts here.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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