Just when you thought you had seen it all Game of Thrones throws one massive curve ball, Stannis shows some human emotion!! The Lord of Dragonstone even goes as far to hug his daughter, you’ve seen it all now!
And for an encore he hints that Jon Snow’s parentage might not be as clear cut as it seems: just because we think Ned begot his son of some tavern slut does not mean he did, after all “that wasn’t Ned Stark’s way”

The casting stands out time and time again, while Peter Dinklage, Jerome Flynn and Maisie Williams might be stealing all the plaudits the portrayal of the Head of house Braatheon by Stephen Dillane must receive a few glowing praises. Steely determined, focused, torn between his wife and a more enticing prospect and now a touching moment with his child.

Take a bow son.

As if that was not enough The Sparrows of gone into overdrive, visiting brothels in their own imitable style and tattooing themselves and squaring up to the king…

Tommen now has a part to play, gaining more screen time. This however relegates others to the background, remember Myrcella? Jamie and Bronn might be off to rescue her but will the recognise her when they see her?

The longer G R R Martin’s creation goes on the more involved the viewer will get, does anyone know what Littlefinger’s end goal is? Does he? Is it to rule, pull the strings of whoever does, make shed loads of money and retire to some idyllic island or just generally mess with everyone’s plans?

And finally Grey Worm is let of the leash, bring on the next episode!!


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