This weeks episode got off to a cracking start, the appearance of Aray Stark is always a good sign as action and intrigue follow the little scamp around. The list is getting smaller and now that is has found her calling in a den of iniquity and ill repute it looks set to get smaller still, Cersi better watch out!

The same can not be said for her sister, sill trying to play the game and losing miserably. Littlefinger holds all the cards and plays them close to his chest, why anyone trusts him remains the shows biggest mystery. Ned found out the hard way, perhaps a case of like farther like daughter.

Also good to see Bron back in action, the fact that he is teaming up with The Kingslayer for a rescue mission is a mouth watering prospect, plus the fact that is he is in cahoots with Jamie means he might just meet up with the his old friend… As always the sword for hire cuts to the chase straight away “Mean people get whats coming to them” we could learn a lot from Robson or is it Jerome?

All round a pretty excellent day at the office, action, humor, suspense and some dazzling special effects Game of Thrones as it should be.


2 thoughts on “TV as TV should be.

  1. Good episode I thought also….and what about the Khaleesi…probably made a bad decision executing that man. And I love Brienne, so loyal…gets denied by Arya…and then by Sansa. This show is not long enough lol.

    • The Khaleesi is in a catch 22, release him and look weak- execute and look like a tyrant. Myself I can’t be bothered with Brienne but at least there is always action!!

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