It has been a long wait but finally the time has come to step back into Westeros. Jon Snow and his cohorts are picking up the pieces of the Wildling assault, Daenerys is finding out that conquering and ruling are two different aspects of military campaigns and Charles Dance is still in the opening credits despite not saying much…

The opening episode is all set up and intrigue. Some scenes, like young Cersei, are needless to say the least. Why show us an old crone prophesying the future when it has already happened?

One major plus is the production values;  the dragons gleam and shimmer with malcontent, snow howls across The Wall as the ice creaks and groans, Ghost chomps down on a bone in the background as the military goes about its daily routine, everything from set and costume deserves high praise indeed.

It’s not all glitz and glamour: Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion and  Conleth Hill’s Varys trade insults and match their wits in what looks to become quite the double act. The fact that Arya is also on the same side of the ocean as them means that The Seven Kingdoms is no longer the place to be.

Otherwise it is business as usual; Jon hates Alliser, Ser Alliser hates everyone and Stannis is a grumpy bast*rd.

Now taking bets on next character to die.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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