Blessed peace of mind so rare yet so priceless, seldom found these days as deja vu haunts my footsteps. Idiots abound that will not leave me be, I struggle vainly on a haphazard approach to life that has led me back to where it all began. The homestead has a few more eyesores a few less trees, the deforestation is in full effect and it scars the land, embittered I potter about looking for a a tranquil place to rest my weary head.

It’s not all bad the lambs of spring frolic about gamboling merrily hither and tither, they catch my mind and snap me back to reality. The suns beats down and I progress, row upon row of brazen daffodils twist and turn in the wind giving me a sense of satisfaction.

Life is breathed back into the area as the flowers bloom and the birds sing, I am content. Well almost, things could be better they could also be a lot worse. The writing comes easily at times, at others I struggle to focus as thoughts rise unbidden from my amnesic soul, memories long buried rise up to lap against the shores of my consciousness.

Friends long forgotten return, not to haunt me but to make me smile and in some cases howl in delight. But still I crave silence just for a few more seconds, to gather my thoughts my wits even and strike out into the world.

I will continue with the blogging in a week or two.

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I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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