The Walking Dead writers excelled themselves this week in the last episode of the series, the piece de resistance the immortal line “there is bad people out here” thanks captain obvious, you could have at least used your big boy words.

The start was a foreshadowing of things to come:

Hello Morgan I’m evil.

I can see that mysterious stranger.

Please allow be to explain my scheme, my motives and what is going to happen.

By all means, I’m not doing much.

Nearly as ridiculous as Bond villains of yore.

At least we had some action to counterpoint the scripting issues; The preacher went tonto, Daryl and gay Daryl went shopping kicked open a hornets nest and best of all Glenn inexplicably escaped a group of walkers. One minute he has a zombie munching his face and several in close proximity, the next he is wilfully running through the trees, seems legit…

To further stoke my ire a meeting was called outside instead of inside, unknown and unseen saints leave helpful messages and everyone is an idiot.

Oh yes and did Rick really need so many plasters on his face?

One question was raised though. Who did Rick shoot at the end, the soon to be undead Reg or the psychotic Pete? A particularly feeble cliffhanger I’m sure you will agree.


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