The drugs are wearing off these days, the fog of war is being lifted and I can see clearly. The rain clouds of my mind roll back and my sight is being reinstated, all fine and dandy I’m sure you will all agree. However one obstacle does present itself.


Under looked and mainly ignored, stress is a right pain in the diodes! I have solutions, ways of taking care of this untimely menace.

To the bath tub! Bubbles aplenty, Pink Floyd drafting under the door this is the usual cure but something was lacking and I don’t mean my rubber duck. Still seeking some respite to the pressure building in my brain I resulted to narcotics again, this time cigarettes.

Or I tried. As I am only a sometime practitioner of this filthy habit I keep them hidden for this express situation but lo and behold they had mysteriously vanished. Some meddlesome individual had decreed that my sufferance was acceptable.

I’m far from beaten, the phrase: Been there, done that and got the t-shirt springs to mind. I cover all the bases, I know the score, at the back of my amnesic mind a little tickle of information starts to jog my memory. I have a revelation.

No cigarettes but in case of emergencies step forward Mr Apostolado, a cigar purchased on the ferry between Newcastle and Amsterdam. Now I’m no heathen, I know that matches are required here but I have them sequestered elsewhere. Someone is messing with the wrong person, my tactical nous is unquestioned my paranoia knows no bounds.

Yes I’ve been to Amsterdam but that is a story for another day.

A walk in the rain to accompany said cigar seems to be the order of the day, lost in my thoughts I plod my weary way towards salvation. I must pose quite the unexpected figure- big bushy beard, long windswept hair, smoking a stogie. I’m unaffected after all hardly anyone ventures into my neck of the woods.

Like Piccadilly bloody Circus!

On the plus side my trudge in inclement conditions has reminded me of an old friend and given me something to write about. Oh and my P.C is back in action 2-1 Douglas.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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