The Walking Dead writers must be living the high life, turning out pap and getting paid for it. In last nights penultimate episode we had a moment of such contrived stupidity it would make a six year old blush: Carl and female Carl decided that the best course of action to escape a group of walkers is to hide in a convenient hollowed out tree trunk, not to run away but to find somewhere that restricts their movement. Somewhere that has only one entrance and exit. Somewhere that offers as much protection as a paper bag. It is almost as if they where placed there to form an emotional bond…

To top that we have the same old storylines being churned out, Shane went stark raving bonkers with the pressure of trying to keep the group alive and now it is Ricks turn. People losing loved ones and going on a killing… yawn. A safe haven that is not as safe as it seems, at least that is a new direction to go in *cough* the farm *cough* *mumble* the prison *mumble* need I go on?

Further annoyance is the fact that electricity is functional but people seem to be using candles, Diana has developed wrinkles in the space of an episode and Carol just wont shut up. Solve these bug bears and perhaps we can have the zombie apocalypse that we so richly deserve.

That been said, I’m looking forward to next weeks finale. This is is mainly down to Dayrl’s storyline and the promise of action, intrigue and the likely reappearance of an old friend…


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