Everything was going swimmingly, well perhaps not swimmingly but at least things were going in the right direction. Okay that’s a bit of a fib, once again blocks have been put in my place big giant boulders even. I crashed through, I deal.

We all do, I’m nothing special. I just pout for a bit, kick up great clouds of dust, moan at everyone and everthing and get back to the task at hand. No one pays me any heed yet when the same set of circumstances happen again I raise my eyebrow in a passing imitation of Roger Moore.

I told you so is wasted on these cretins.

I digress. My main issue, the most pressing, the one that really gets my goat is that my P.C has decreed that now is the optimum time to refuse to work.


I’m not so easily beat, I’m a wily old fox. Seen it all before, say hello to Mr X-Box complete with Internet browser. Now this is not the best, only one tab at a time, it keeps disconnecting from live, I can’t put pictures to these post but I’m working on it-stay with me.

While on on the subject though: Where have all my email followers gone? I had 300+ then one second 100 odd, you stealing my clientele WordPress? Don’t make me come over there!! Other than that, keep up the good work…

I’m also on Twitter @DolefulDoug I went a bit insane and deleted my account a few months ago so you will need to follow me again, yes you.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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